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Fred & Kathy's 
Fireworks Extravaganza 
Saturday July 1st
99.9 FM

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2900 Bridge Fireworks Show
Thursday July 4th
Simulcast on
KBEY 103.9 FM

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fireworks red_edited.png

Wakepoint LBJ Fireworks Spectacular
Saturday July 6th
At the 1431 Bridge


The Show 
Join us at the River with the ultimate party
band while we wait for the 

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Wakepoint fireworks event.jpg

Bring your lawn chairs, blankets and kids!

(No coolers please.  Food and beverages available for sale on site)


River Festivities at The Bridge 

Come on down to the Bridge on Hwy 2900 and join us as we celebrate Independence Day in true Hill Country style!

COME BY LAND OR BY LAKE!  Our River Festivities at the Bridge is a fun and family-friendly event packed with activities all afternoon leading up to our spectacular Fireworks Show at dark.   We have live music, food vendors, a Rubber Ducky Race, a Boat Parade, and a Wakeboard Show!  We'll have AquaBoom Tshirts and Raffle Tickets for sale until 8:30pm.  Everyone is welcome at the 2900 Bridge and admission is free.  We want everyone to have  the best time possible, and respect and consideration for those around you are key to making this happen.  Below are some tips to help keep your fun at maximum capacity:

  • PARKING: Parking is very limited at the Bridge, so keep that in mind as you plan your day.  Please be respectful of private property as you are looking for parking.  The Boat Town parking lot will be closed to the public and available to their business patrons only.  We do have limited handicap parking available.   Email for more information.

  • BOATS:  Coming by boat is a fun way to enjoy to enjoy the festivities and the view of the fireworks from the water is magnificent!  The river will be crowded as the day progresses, please observe all water laws and be aware of activity around you.

  • ACCOMODATIONS: Please bring everything you need to make your family comfortable.  Blankets, chairs, sunscreen, bug spray, etc. are a good idea.  Treat it like you would a day at the beach and plan accordingly.  Tents/beach umbrellas will be allowed as long as they are not blocking the view of those around you.  Please do not bring valuable items.  You are responsible for your belongings and keeping them safe.

  • FAMILIES:  the River Festivities is a family-friendly environment geared towards all ages.  Childcare will not be provided and you are responsible for the behavior and safety of your children at all times. 

  • SWIMMING:  The river is a great way to keep cool during the hot  afternoon.  PLEASE BE AWARE:  The water directly under and around the bridge still has debris from the Bridge collapse in the 2018 Flood.  Please check before allowing your family to swim.  There will be no lifeguard on duty - swimming in all areas is at your own risk!  

  • PETS: Pets are allowed but MUST be on a leash at all times.  Please keep in mind that not all pets do well in crowded situations.  If your pet disrupts the festivites, is disturbing to those around you or displays dangerous or threatening behavior, you will be asked to remove it.  Please take your pet to the perimetor of the property away from others to relieve itself.  You will be responsible for cleaning up after your pet.  Do not allow your pet to relieve themselves in the water or around or on others' belongings.  

  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY.  No alcoholoic beverages will be sold at the River Festivities and consumption is at your own risk.  Coolers are welcome, but we ask that you refrain from bringing glass onto the premises.  DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!  If you are impaired and cannot safely operate a motor vehicle, or if you are with a driver that you don't feel can safely take you home, please see the main hospitality tent and we will help you find safe transportation.  Remember, it is HOT.  Please stay hydrated.  Underage drinking and public intoxication will not be tolerated.


  • FOOD: Food vendors will be onsite for your convenience.  If you have specific dietary needs, please plan accordingly. 

  • TRASH:   The POA park is private property on loan to us for the day.  Please help us keep it clean so that we may continue to use it.  Trash receptacles will be available and vandalism will not be tolerated.

  • THE BRIDGE:  The Bridge has a walkway availble to watch the fireworks from.  Please be aware and respectful of others while on the Bridge and do not block the walkway.

  • PERSONAL FIREWORKS:  Personal fireworks of any kind will not be allowed on the premises. 

Local "Watch Parties"


Can't make it down to the River Festivities?  Click on the links below to these local establishments for "Watch Party" events with spectacular views of the Aquaboom Fireworks show at the Bridge on Hwy 2900!

boat town.jpg
Boat Town Logo.png

151 Melodie Lane

14757 W.  FM 1431

Where to Watch
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